#30DaysWild – Day 7, Foraging, Spiders and Honey!

Hi everyone,

We’ve had some great weather here today, have you had the same?

We started the day off having a quick look in the garden for bugs. We found this very shy spider, Pisaura mirabilis,Β  under some bark in the flower beds. I love the face of this spider, it looks like it has tribal war paint down each side, a beautiful spider. Here it has its legs pulled in, a typical defensive position, I adopt a similar position when someone rolls me out of bed.


Then we headed over to the fair and dog show on the common near our house. We purchased some Honey from the local Bee Keeper and I was amazed at the taste. We had a great chat about all Bees and conservation.


Jasmine also decided she wanted to climb some trees.


and try the idea from Day 1 which was hug a tree!


After a few hours of fun we headed to our local farm. Inside one of the greenhouses they had old birds nests in a crate for everyone to look at, the kids were impressed.


We also foraged for Strawberries and Gooseberries, it’s a bit early for anything else. Whilst we ventured the grounds we spotted lots of wildlife, Rabbits, kestrels, Buzzards, Butterflies, the list was endless. We also found lots of herbs and wildflowers. The girls are really in their element outdoors, in touch with the wild. So inquisitive, adventurous and happy! It’s the best way to be.

IMG_8725 IMG_8735Β  IMG_8756

Not sure what we will get upto this week as work will get in the way, but we will certainly try and do something each day.




#Day45 of #100DaysofNature

Hi everybody,

I had a fantastic day today after #BBCSpringwatch shared my picture and my Macro Page on facebook, Some lovely comments, I earned a few more likes to my page and the post reached over 26,000 people, and counting πŸ™‚

Thanks #BBCSpringwatch πŸ™‚

Now, onto today’s capture, #Day45 of #100DaysofNature. I have never seen a spider so colourful in all my life, exact ID I’m not 100% but it is, I believe, belonging to the Theridiidae family and most likely one of the Comb Footed Spiders. I photographed and gave info on another species on #Day36, but that one was quite plain in comparison to this, and a lot smaller in size too. This one had beautiful tones of reds, yellows and oranges. It played hard to get in terms of composition for the pic, I was in some strange yoga pose trying to get this shot, who knows what my neighbors think I’m doing in the garden haha.

But anyway, here it is πŸ™‚ and as always if you think you can ID this more specifically then please contact me through Facebook or Flickr, much appreciated πŸ™‚




#Day28 0f #100DaysofNature

Hi everyone,

So #Day28 is here and today I managed to capture one of these little guys in a great place. We have a little rockery area in the garden and some of those rocks have been covered in moss, I have found various creatures walking and wriggling through the moss but never thought I would see one of these little guys as normally you see them mostly on your fence panels, What I’m talking about of course is the Zebra Jumping Spider.

Now these are awesome to watch, and just like the Wolf Spider they don’t use webs to catch their prey, instead they put those big eyes to use and jumping ability to track and stalk their next meal.Β Upon noticing someone observing them, they can be seen raising their head, and usually change behavior (hence the name Salticus scenicus, theatrical jumper). Next time it’s sunny go check out your fence panels and I guarantee you are sure to see at least one of these.

So here it is, species No 28, The Zebra Jumping Spider πŸ™‚