Garden Wildlife

IMG_0681IMG_0709IMG_0768IMG_1013IMG_1021IMG_1026IMG_7072IMG_8016IMG_8269IMG_8305IMG_8461IMG_8482IMG_8525IMG_8570IMG_8631IMG_8696IMG_8703IMG_8909 cleanIMG_9115


IMG_8899DSC08523 IMG_8402



On The Hunt

millipede rose woodlouse wasp up close wolf spider woodlouse DSC08614 DSC08594 DSC07026 Zebra Jumping Spider (Female) DSC07441 DSC08270 DSC08317 DSC02906 DSC00703 DSC03750 SONY DSC DSC06920 DSC05325 DSC04619 DSC08658 DSC08544 SONY DSC SONY DSC Mining Bee SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC


3 thoughts on “Garden Wildlife

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  2. such a beautiful creatures and how you have captured them. Can you give some idea of the equipment you are using? I didn’t even notice it in your digital photography teacher


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