#Day95 of #100DaysofNature

Hi everybody,

Well I’m still buzzing from yesterday, one of the best moments of my life!!! Here is a few more pics ;

Now onto today’s species, and Today I have found another species of Earwig. Before starting this challenge I just assumed that there was only one species of Earwig, I never realised how many there was. Using this new found information I looked back to the specimen photographed on #Day48 to compare with today’s find. #Day48‘s specimen was almost twice as big as this one, it’s forceps were slightly different in shape too. I think #Day48 Earwig was a Lesne’s Earwig, Forficula lesnei. Today’s I believe is the Common Earwig, Forficula auricularia.

Now if you tuned into #Autumnwatch on Wednesday night you would of seen Nick Baker getting all ‘weak at the knees’ viewing the specimen from #Day48 , lets see how he likes this one 🙂




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